Off to Minneapolis

It's early! We're headed to Minneapolis in a few minutes. I'm excited about this conference, but at the same time I'm not sure exactly what to expect. It should be really cool to be in a grouping of folks who are as one-track minded as us. Everyone at the conference is in some stage of an adoption from China. I am REALLY excited about meeting some other folks at the end of the wait. But then again it could be crazy...

I have this funny notion that so much concentrated thought on adoption in one building may be a bit strange. (For those of you that watch LOST think back to season 2's finale when the hatch magnet caused the island to "hum" and the sky to go white ~ haha).

Anyway, I posted on a few places about the boy thing. Turns out that last month's referral batch did include four boys that were unexpected (meaning folks requested a girl and got a boy). And when I checked our letter of request to the CCAA, we did write "a child of either gender."

Things that make you go "hmmm"...

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Mandy Tucker said...

Cameron and I are hoping for a Thanksgiving baby for you as he was for us. Just think of all the boy advice you two would get from the Tuckers and Fulbrights;scary isn't it.

Mandy Tucker