Boy oh Boy!

Man oh man, have I been dreaming lately! I think I've heard that pregnant women dream a lot and have vivid, sometimes strange dreams. Well, I'm hoping that's true and I'm chalking up my restless nights lately to just that, "pregnancy hormones". I mean, I've been having some some crazy funny dreams that don't make sense at all.

But last night's must be a result of me checking so many China adoption chat rooms. I've got referrals on the brain (even though we are not very likely to get ours this month, a girl can dream, can't she?). So here it goes...

First of all, our Sunday School class was going on a retreat together. (That in and of itself isn't too crazy a thought, in fact, it would be fun to go to the mountains with that whole group, but I begin to digress from my story...) As we got there and began checking in to the house we were staying in, I noticed that there was a huge stack of FedEx boxes in the corner of the dining room. I inspected them closely and saw that our name was on one of the boxes. Then a Chinese man (I'm guessing an orphanage director) told us all to sit down. He began calling people up to get their box.

As I realized what was happening I began crying tears of joy. After the pregnancy of an elephant, we were finally about to learn who our daughter was. Ian was over talking to someone (he's had a lot of responsibility with our church's Habitat for Humanity Day ~ evey time I turn around at church lately I've lost him) and I was trying frantically to get him to come join me for the HUGE family moment that was about to come. That's when Teniah & Andy and Melanie & Randy (Andy and Randy are twin brothers for those of you outside of NC) came to sit at my table. Teniah got called up and returned with TWO boxes. Melanie got called up and also was given TWO boxes.

I remember being so confused because I hadn't realized that our friends had been in the adoption process. They opened their boxes to see that both of them were referred a set of six month old twin girls! Wow, I was so excited. Then finally the man called my name.

I carefully made my way up to him on wobbly legs and managed to get Ian to follow me to the table. We opened our box together! Inside was a picture of a beautiful 22 month old BOY! Woah, I immediately panicked because I thought, "NO WAY can we put a boy in that beautiful pink room we've made!"

(I mean, I would be happy with a boy, don't get me wrong, but for the last 22 months, I've had all things pink on the mind).

I was thinking that we would just turn the guest room into a boy nursery and leave the pink room for a daughter in the future when I suddenly sat up in bed and realized that I didn't have to run to Lowe's for blue paint. The reason this is funny is that it is the second time I've dreamed we were "having" a boy. But last time our referral arrived and it was a boy from Vietnam which is impossible since our agency doesn't work with Vietnam...

Weird thing is though that today I kinda had a glimpse into the future. The other day Ian mopped the kitchen floor and didn't dump out the mop water (don't ask me why I didn't, I don't have an answer for you). It is in the laundry room. Today I'm doing laundry so that we can pack for the adoption conference in Minneapolis this weekend. Anyway, I pulled out one batch and had a sock that was matchless. I thought, "Oh dear, I must have dropped it in the mopwater." Ian checked for me and replied, "Nope, no sock." But just a few minutes ago I switched a load from the washer into the dryer. And as I was moving them, guess what fell into the mopwater? Yep, the match to the sock from earlier...

Boy oh boy!

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Craig Moorhead said...

K! What a great blog! And so glad to hear that things are moving forward. Have fun at the conference!