On deck

So I haven't recorded the fact that we are officially "on deck" with our agency. Yeah, kinda like when you play softball and you've been in the dugout instead of on the field. Coach keeps promising that eventually you'll get onto the field, but so far innings have come and gone and still you wait. Then late in the game as your team is up to bat (for us it is the 13th inning ~ if you count months since our paperwork was logged into the CCAA in China, 19th if you count from the time we first applied with our agency) coach finally looks at you and tells you to put on your helmet and pick up a bat. We're standing in that little white circle just outside the dugout practicing our swings and waiting for our turn at bat! The email that informed us of that came about three weeks ago, who knows why I"m just now writing about it.

Yes, if you are wondering, I cried as I read that news. Finally there seems to be promising news that the waiting is drawing to an end. I've found myself much more emotional lately. I've been following a blog of a family from here in the greater Charlotte area from AWAA that are now on their way home from China with their daughter. As I read the postings about meeting their little girl for the first time I cried. Then I cried as I read about the finalization of the adoption. Now I'm praying for their safe travel and plan to contact them after they've been home for a little while and have had time to adjust.

On the emotional note, I cried right through the most beautiful wedding today. Mitchell and Caitlin are dear friends who are so excited about our adoption journey and I just have to say that my "pregnancy hormones" kept my eyes brimmed with tears most of the ceremony and during their first dance and even during the toasts. I'm so glad that our trip to China did not overlap this beautiful day!

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