Ever closer!

It came from the computer. You see, I had to type a nursery rhyme out for preschool tomorrow morning and while I had my computer on, I thought, "well, I may as well check the CCAA's site." Honestly I expected no change ~ usually they update at the very end of the month and there is still another Friday in September ~ but old habits die hard and I checked anyway.

And there it was! The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before August 9, 2005. Instantly the tears started! Our documents may have been registered at the end of August (the 26th), but finally we are in the right month! Seventeen days of paperwork separate us from seeing our daughters face for the first time! Seventeen days! I'll have to write more later because as I am typing this news the emotions are overcoming me again.

Hang in there baby M____ ~ Mommy and Daddy are coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kristi, I will pray extra hard for you! We are very excited and know that that little baby girl is so excited to know that her mommy and daddy are so close!Tom & Chris

Kim B. said...

I'm crying now, too! I love you, girl and can't wait for all three of you!! Kim B.

LaoLao Shultz said...

Lao Lao (Grandma) is coming too! Can't wait!