Waiting 'n such

So this week was the third week of July. That means that we began our usual 'its the third week of the month routine'. This routine -- almost a ritual in fact -- consists of checking out the CCAA's web page multiple times a day in the hopes that they will have updated the information about how many days/weeks/months worth of recieved paperwork they have finished processing. Early on in our adoption process each passing month saw a little over a months worth of paperwork processed. However, for some unknown reason, a few months ago this slowed down to only 1 weeks worth of paperwork having been processed!!! Last month they processed a little over 2 weeks worth, and we are really hoping that this month they will be back to their 1+ month. So, we have both been checking out their site every day this week, despite the fact that we know they don't update it until Friday night. Each check of the website is usually followed by a 'hey guess what? .... no update yet'. Well, yesterday (friday) came and went with no update. We are guessing that the actual update time must be the friday of the last full week in the month. Boo.... So, for now, we continue waiting and can look forward to another week of fanatical checking of their website. I'm gettin very used to seeing that they have sent out referrals for all paperwork recieved by June 28th 2005. Our log in date was August 26th 2005. Waiting just isn't fun!

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