M8 pumpkin carving 2019

Halloween week snuck up on us this year.

Actually, I wish I could say "this year" as if it were an anomaly.

But that would be lying.

It got us last year too when we bought pumpkins early on but never got around to carving them.

And apparently the year before that too because Nicholas thought we were NUTS when we started reaching inside our pumpkins and pulled out the seeds and strings.  He had no idea what was going on.

AND he thought it smelled terrible.

This afternoon I had to run into Food Lion to grab one item for dinner.  Thankfully they had a GIANT container of large pumpkins reduced to $4 each.  I passed by them without thinking at first and then stopped in my tracks as I calculated Halloween was only two days away.

So I did the only logical thing I could do...came home, told the kids we were going to get pumpkins and loaded them into the car.  They were a bit surprised when we pulled into the Food Lion parking lot instead of a pumpkin patch, but perked up when they saw their selection.  For a $4 pumpkin we did have to dig around in the box a bit instead of seeing them lined up neatly on hay bales.  But did I mention they were only $4?

Over dinner conversation floated around theme ideas.  Pumpkin carving is serious business around here.

Orange pumpkin mustaches and all...

Amazingly despite the fact that there were knives in every hand, the only carnage was the pumpkin guts.

So. Many. Pumpkin. GUTS!

But once the mess was all cleaned up we had quite a great showing.

Mr. Happy

Captain America

Mr. Peanut




Happy Go Lucky

howling wolf

can you guess whose is whose?

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