Nat turns 9

Five years have passed in the snap of my fingers.  It seems like this nugget has gone from my timid, Mandarin speaking pre-schooler who couldn't believe she was receiving a birthday gift all her own to a "tell you exactly what's on her mind" fluent English speaker who relishes in the spotlight in no time flat.  

And yet when I pause to consider, I can hardly believe it has been only five years and a month that this girl has been mine.

her "All About Me" book that she has mostly completed by now

So much growth...and not just in height.

She has developed a sense of style all her own.  And she's bold enough to pull off pretty much whatever she just goes with her personality.

(though Mama wasn't quite ready for her personality to say no more fluffy, sequined skirts)

This one.

She's gonna change the world.

Because she is a force to be reckoned with.
Yes, admittedly there are days that "Hurricane Natalie" arrives and we all evacuate the immediate area to avoid being caught up in the aftermath.
But most of the time that force is for good.
She's not one that is going to let social injustice happen on her watch.
I'm just grateful to be along for the ride!

Natalie ZhangYun, from the moment I first laid eyes on your picture, I loved you.  Paperwork and government clearances just couldn't come fast enough.  We've learned so much in the five years we've been mother and daughter...our clumsy dance moves are almost rhythmic by now.
I look forward to seeing how you change this world for the better!
I love you always,

{Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.} ~ Helen Keller

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