lucky to celebrate her

Her long awaited birthday finally arrived.

The one that pretty much catapulted her from being in "the tween years" to a full on teenager.
(at least to her it now seems official).

This morning she asked me to get her four leaf clover shirt and when I questioned her on her choice, she informed me that she had decided two years ago to wear St. Patrick's Day shirts on her birthday when I no longer was able to find her a birthday shirt.

Indeed a quick look back confirmed her new trend.

Guess I'll have to make sure to continue finding St. Pat's shirts for her...

And on the topic of tradition.  Long live Triplet Day at the M house!

Following dinner at Cowfish (one of her favorite places on the planet to eat) we came home to open her gifts.

This year was a new Gamin fitness tracker with some fun bands, a Psalms journaling book, and a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  Because last year her class voted her in as "most likely to read every book in the library" and just in case she makes that goal before she graduates from 5th grade, she wanted to be able to buy a few new novels...

After gifts we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and THEN had her cake.

As is popular in our house, she went with the Pioneer Woman's chocolate cake with Nutella frosting and homemade whipped cream for frosting.  I couldn't have made it for a sweeter girl.


You truly are a parent's dream.  You are reliable, even keeled, and trustworthy.  Very little seems to rock your world unless we tell you after hours of reading that it is time for you to put down a book and go interact with humans for a little while.  ;) Your loyalty and huge heart for your friends is one of your most endearing qualities.  I treasure the gift of you and can't express enough how lucky I feel to be the one you call Mommy.
I love you always!


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