the M8 baby turns 8


His big day finally arrived.

he requested "Zhōngguó cài" so we tried out a local spot known for good Chinese food

Not sure that there has been a more anticipated birthday in recent history.   We've been on some sort of countdown since Daniel's birthday back in August and he realized that they come with gifts...

His obsession with his approaching birthday and opening his gifts nearly made me lose my mind.

And then he told me that this was the first time he'd even gotten a present for his birthday.

That fact gave me an attitude adjustment.

And I'd say the gifts were just what he had hoped for.  A Star Wars lego set that included Mace Windu, a remote control Hummer, and a giant lovey...perfect that I was able to find a tiger for my boy born in the year of the tiger!

As fun as the gifts were though, my favorite part of the first birthday home is the cake.

That moment when it registers that it really is all about them for the very first time.

And relighting candles just add to the fun.

He gave me a challenge for sure..."Júzi Dàngāo." It took a while to find a suitable recipe for orange cake (because pictures of a pound cake weren't doing it for him), but we picked a winner with the Orange Creamsicle Cake recipe.


It's hard to believe that two years ago we didn't know who would be filling the empty spot your daddy and I realized we had at our table.  But once we found you, we knew you were the one.  And it seems that you have embraced us just as we embraced you.  Your sweet smile lights up even the gloomiest of days and I've treasured this year of being home with you...even if you are a stubborn student from time to time.  You complete our family in ways we never dreamed.
Thank you for giving us a chance!
You have my heart always,

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Di said...

His face....the thought that this was the first time he had opened a birthday present - you are bringing so much love and joy not just to your kids but to all of us following along over the years! Happy Birthday Nicholas!