Zoo day

North Carolina can be brutally hot and humid in the summer.  And our winters have been so unpredictable lately...seems like a good snow is hard to find.  

But we have two seasons of glorious here...spring and fall.

Today provided one of those blue sky beauty days and we decided to head to our state zoo to enjoy the outdoors.

Because we are members, and therefore frequent visitors, there is no pressure on any of our visits to observe each habitat.  That leaves plenty of time to explore Kids Zone.

Ian and I set the boundaries and then stood back for the next 45 minutes to watch them engrossed in their surroundings.

over the years they've found their own interests, but from time to time they still fall back into "that twin thing"
does a mama's heart good...

From there we took in the wonder of the animals "not from around here."

My little buddy still wearing his fake glasses taped for "nerd day" at school.
Cracks me up...

To our delight, many of the North American animals were up and active in the cooler temperatures.  We most enjoyed watching the bears as they typically just sleep in the hotter months.

But for some reason the real animals never hold a candle to the statues scattered throughout the park.

And so as we walked we stopped time and time again for the crew to climb a rhino or pose with miniature elephants.

And even though they bickered plenty, we were reminded yet again that we've been blessed with an amazing set of kiddos.  This five minute march (minus one who was displeased over something one sibling had said moments before) made the entire day worthwhile, and made us look forward to see how the pack would embrace their littlest brother.

I think we'll keep 'em!

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