Yuexiu park and the bakery

Post nap time we decided to head out to explore the other massive park within walking distance from our hotel.  Yuexiu Park is massive with many different themed areas.  We hoped to find the famous Five Rams statue but the heat and humidity got the best of our kids (hello kiddos, do you remember NC in the summer?) and we simply didn't make it that far.  With the combo of "I'm hot" (coming in two languages) and "Where's the playground?" we gave up early.  I suspect we'll head back over one free morning after breakfast though as I'd love to catch a glimpse of the older generation out doing Tai Chi in the gardens together.  

Before the complaining did us in we did find a few interesting/pretty sights to admire.  All of us agreed this sign was made for Caleb.

We stopped at a few scenic spots to get pictures with Grandma...

...and then Grandpa.

A little ice cream helped improve some sour attitudes about not riding boats on the lake (hello, we just did that yesterday) and then we at least were able to add checking out an island and its pavilion to our list before heading back.

Have I mentioned that the kids are all crazy about their new little brother?  After the park we opted for a quick and easy dinner from the bakery and I needed both hands to get everyone's selections.  Kylie was more than happy to hang on to our little runner while I "prepared" dinner for the family.
The pout on his face?  We weren't going to McDonalds to get him a Hànbǎo (burger). Eventually he settled on a sausage bun and a fruit cup (which he ever so sweetly shared with his siblings).

We sat around on chairs and on the beds and enjoyed our meal.  Poor Ian...while Mom and I were over the hassle of going out for a sit down dinner and were completely happy with bakery goods...I think he would have liked to have had something a bit more substantial for his birthday dinner.

There was cake though!

And then after the cake, it got a little crazy in the room.  At this point in the trip with very little to no structure and the days blending into the challenge of figuring out what and where to eat, we may have had a few moments where our parenting wasn't at its best.  So we did what all parents barely hanging on to their grip on sanity do...we headed back to the pool.  Excess energy can be burned and with multiple showers in the locker room, getting ready for bed is much faster than everyone cycling thorough the single shower in our room.

Nicholas insisted on two things before he went to bed Sunday.  One that he get a hug and a kiss on the cheek from "lǎo lao." 

The other that Caleb come back from sleeping in yé ye's room and sleep with he and Daniel.  That put Caleb on one end, Daniel on the other and Nicholas in the middle.  

He is determined to love his family, that's for sure!

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Jenn H said...

Our son was friends with Nicholas in Beijing. We just came home from China in February. I'd love to chat with you after you get home and settled. No rush though.