Wǒmen zàijiā!

Nicholas had long been in our hearts...for Ian and I since last March when we first saw his information, for the kids since last Mother's Day when we told them about him...and therefore  on our van family.  It was therefore a must to show him everyone was represented on the back of our Transit.  His smile of understanding was precious as we pointed out Daddy, Mama, each of his siblings and then himself.

Next came the getting settled into the confinement of his car seat.  Thankfully while there had been no seatbelts available in China as we rode around the cities, he didn't protest the sudden addition of restraints and rode happily home.

Can't tell you how wonderful it was to pull in our driveway and announce "Wǒmen zàijiā" (we're home)! Added to the joy of arriving home after so long were welcome signs and a cooler which held our breakfast (36 eggs, plenty of fresh fruit and assorted bagels with cream cheese).

Nicholas happily followed his siblings in the front door.

And didn't manage to get very far once he saw the playroom.

Legos...containers of building

And so as tired as we were we let him explore for a bit.
After all, you only arrive home for the first time once...

We let him open (and thankfully put away) nearly every container on the shelves before we managed to distract his attention enough to head upstairs and see his room.  Repeat awe and wonder when he saw the boys' Beyblade collection...

It was a late night after a LONG day, but it was worth the additional 30 minutes of awake time to watch him explore his new home.

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Mortal Clown said...

You guys are so amazing. I can tell how terrific your children are and, no, I'm not dipping them in gold, either. That

It was so much fun reading about your daily adventures.

Congratulations and welcome home. You deserve a good rest but for the life of me, I have no idea how that'll happen. 🤗😋🤣

All blessings,