PacMan and M&Ms

What do PacMan and M&Ms have in common?  

Well, besides being two of the iconic things of my generation growing up, they were our family Halloween costumes for 2016.  

Usually for Halloween we just order pizza or scarf down leftovers before we go for candy collection, but this year I was feeling a bit guilty for not making a bigger deal over our October birthdays.  So I decided to surprise my kids with a fun themed dinner.  Veggie skeleton, sloppy joe Jack-o-Lantern pie and Mummy dogs were on the menu.

And of course our trick-or-treating friends were also on calendar!

Ky and Darbs have been dressing as a pair for several years now.  Darby's mom outdid herself with these adorable costumes!

As for me...well, we did a little "costume recycling" this year.  After all, we weren't even living in our own home for the months of October, November and most of December...

Thankfully four of our kids didn't mind the recycle, we had been in another neighborhood last year and so our friends in the Hollow didn't get to see our PacMan family in person.

Last year.

This year.

 Any questions?

Our team of seven kids took in an impressive haul of candy.

Could have been partly because our sweet neighbors were happy to see my crew and just kept handing over the good stuff.

When their energy levels finally gave out and we headed back to the house, there was the annual "great candy swap."

And rumor has it that Mama may have snitched one or two favorites.

I'll never tell...

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