Laser Maze Daze

Typically there is enough hubbub going on in our house that no one has time to sit around and twiddle their thumbs.   But, even so, every now and then I'll hear the cry, "I'm bored..."

This particular July morning our kids were over going the pool.  They didn't want to go for a hike or bike ride because it was too hot. It was a holiday week so most of their friends were out of town.  Add that it was about a month into summer break, and they were starting to irritate each other just a bit.

Ian and I were lingering over our Saturday morning brunch with another cup of coffee when the dreaded chorus of, "I'm bored" began to echo through the halls.

One kiddo disappeared with a book, but the other four began to chant in unison.

Enter the "I'm Bored" jar.

If you have lots of littles at home and you don't have this tool at your fingertips, you should.  Google or Pinterst search for one.  It will offer another strategy to keep your sanity on days it feels like you're otherwise losing it.
You're welcome.
The appointed child reached into the jar and pulled out, "Make an obstacle course with string in your hallway."

And so they did.

And then when they decided that their created laser maze wasn't creative enough...

...they added a snack to the challenge.

Because life is a bowl of cherries.  At our house anyway...

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Saundra Shultz said...

What fun! And no one got struck by one of the lasers! You kids are so creative.