Easter 2016

Easter Weekend ~ March 26-27, 2016

With so many of us going in so many different directions, our life is often unpredictable.

That's part of what makes Easter at Mama's each year such a wonderful thing...


We know that eggs will be dyed.

We know that we'll gather to picnic and egg hunt at a local park with my aunt, cousins and their kids.

13 of my grandmother and grandfather f's 15 great grandchildren.
Come Sunday morning we'll go to church to celebrate our risen Savior and be led in worship by my talented brother-in-law.  Then we'll come home and torture the kids by taking more photos than they can bear...

my mama with her seven grands

And just when they think they can't possibly smile for one more picture, we'll turn them loose to hunt for the eggs the Easter Bunny left.

And then they'll sit on the carport and open each egg.

And the great candy swap will begin.

Easter weekend is never quite long enough, but it sure is one we look forward to each year!

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