Meeting the stars at Hollywood Studios

*December 15, 2015*

Our original intentions were to be strolling down Hollywood Boulevard at rope drop.  However logging a 15 hour day in the Magic Kingdom that ended just hours before that 8am opening proved to be the kryptonite in our plan.

Instead I found myself logging into MyDisneyExperience app while waiting for the shower water to get hot and changing our early morning fast passes to later in the day.  I was bummed because my carefully laid out path from one fast pass to another with plenty of time to explore along the way was being shuffled and I knew we'd do a lot of backtracking.

But then we got a surprise that made our tardy arrival and change of plans TOTALLY worth it.  We stumbled upon an unscheduled meet and greet with Stitch.

Did I mention Stitch just happens to be Natalie's FAVORITE Disney character of all time?  Talk about a great way to start your day...

Our first attraction was the Frozen sing along.  Because who doesn't know ALL the words to Let it Go?

I have to pause for a second and say that if you haven't done Disney with grandparents yet, DO IT!  Disney is fun.  Disney with your mom along to experience the joy is amazing!  Often it was difficult to determine who was having more fun, my kids or my mom...

And right there in the sing along was THE magic moment of the trip.  Sure, there were lots of smaller magic moments, but when the snow began to fall as Elsa and Anna started singing Let it Go?  Our littlest was positively enthralled...

As previously stated, our change of plans caused our day to include a lot of criss-crossing the park.  Thankfully we found lots of diversions to stop and enjoy.

Cuter than Minnie Mouse...

...and goofier than Goofy.

The next bit of time served as Magic moment 2, when the boys came face to face with Chewie!

And not just the "little boys" ~ Daddy is a big fan too.  The best part of that encounter was when Chewbacca read Caleb's shirt (A Wookie ate my homework) and gave a big roar in response.

Then of course we had to try out the speeders.

Judging from Caleb and Kylie's reactions, you don't want to be in the car when Daniel or Darcy get behind the wheel...

This is the one that killed me.  Four years ago our boys saw McQueen and Mater from across the way and took off at a flat out run to get in line.  This time?  Yeah...I had to ask them to please go stand with their former favorites for a picture.

Then Nat saw the Disney Jr. photo area and begged to meet Sophia ~ which is funny considering she only has ever watched Sophia the First when at her eye appointments at Duke.  But she asked and we were at Disney, so of course we obliged.  Sweet DQ even agreed to jump in the picture.

And while Mickey is my mouse, who could resist a Mama, Minnie and girls pic?

This trip we worked with a Magic Vacation planner and Bekah helped hook us up with an amazing deal.  We stayed on the resort (value of course, but still...who's in the room more than sleeping and showering?) and had a free meal plan.  The flexibility to have snacks during our long days helped ward off the "low blood sugar grumpies" for all of us...including me!

the only thing better than a Mickey shaped pretzel?
why a Mickey shaped pretzel dunked in cheese of course!
We're glad we got in to Disney during the holiday season of 2015 because it meant we got to witness the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights before it was retired.  We all were completely mesmerized by the amazing display and we parked ourselves of the curb of the Streets of America and watched as the lights/music went through all ten songs before we slowly began to stroll up the street.

We pretty much shut the park down.  And you'd think that after two days of endless hours on our feet that everyone would have been exhausted.  I suppose we were, but not too exhausted for an epic light saber battle in front of the giant tree as we waited for our bus back to the All-Star Sports Resort.  Because boys...

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Catherine said...

So fun! The free dining plan is the best!

I just realized when I saw your pics of the Osborne Family Lights that the was a 2015 trip and the fun thing is that my then 6yo DD (also from China), myself and her grandparents were at Disney the exact same time you were! I'm going to miss the lights!

What a blessing that your mom could to with you too! You're right that Disney with grandparents is the best!!