Celebrating 8 years of "Caleb-ness" in our lives

Once upon a time there were two little boys who weren't fans of the camera.

Ky, Caleb, Darbs & Henry
 the infamous "red couch" at the White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou
november 2008

And then they grew up and became hams.

Caleb and Henry
hay bale tower, pumpkin farm in central NC
october 2016
Most kids get to celebrate birthdays.  Often with family and friends.  And some get to celebrate Forever Family days.  The really lucky ones get to celebrate Forever Family days with friends that are family.

The extra fun thing about this family is that we're tied to them not just once...  We traveled to the other side of the world with them on our first two adoption journeys and have shared those first days of shell shock together twice.

And while the oldest four consider their "China sibling" bonding a special gift, they are loving enough to share it with all the crew.

It's not just limited to the boys though...we parents have forged a tight bond as the Wonder twin powers activating would show.

While our families attend church together and we see each other somewhat frequently throughout the year, we have a special night in late October to celebrate when our boys became part of our lives and when we became even closer as families at the International Hotel in Guangzhou.

 Not sure exactly how it started, but we began going to a pumpkin patch/corn maze to have an evening of fun together.

To date we've visited several area farms and have our opinions of which has the best corn maze, which puts on the best hay ride, and which offers the best overall value for admission price.

We also can tell you that the blending of our two families provides the best entertainment no matter the farm.  Love the tradition.  Love the families.  Love these boys!

Caleb Lutao, you are a ray of sunshine in my world.  I'm forever grateful and humbled that one of my roles in life is to be your Mom.  May you never lose that spark of humor and that heart of gold...

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Saundra Shultz said...

Oh, my heart. God surely has blessed your families. Isn't it just like God to have orchestrated all of this. Two trips to China together, going to the same church, living close enough to have special times together. God IS good.