Back to School

Last night the sun set for our family on summer 2016.

Strangely enough, I may have been the only one blinking back the tears.  Not sure if it was because I'm realizing how fast time is had her LAST first day of elementary school today...or if it was the thought of 5 lunches per day times 180, but I was getting emotional.

The kids?


not sure d elementary can contain all five...good thing some are out in the modular units! 

We found out Thursday who their teachers were going to be.  Several got exactly who they hoped they would...and who I wanted them to have for that matter.

Between teacher assignments and the friends they saw on their class lists, they were ready.

our walking buddies, lottie and corrie.  we've been walking to school together since ky and lot were in kindergarten...
today they walked to their LAST first day of elementary together

So what else was I to do but embrace their enthusiasm?

Even if it meant packing the first five of nine hundred lunches.   NINE HUNDRED!

That part I'm still not quite enthusiastic about.  Must have been trying to suppress the thought this morning.  I had gotten up early and was enjoying my coffee and a little time to pray over the new year.  It felt like I had so much leisure time and still a while to go before starting wake ups when I realized that I had totally forgotten lunches.  Nothing like a little five alarm fire to kick off the first day...

I had a busy day...walking around a lake with a friend, lunch with Ian, a Costco run (without kids!), special dinner thankfully time passed quickly until I got to see their smiling faces this afternoon.

All three girls offered that the worst part of their day was dismissal.  The boys were a little more reserved, but said that it was a good day and that they couldn't wait to go back tomorrow.

And so you have it, looks like 2016-2017 is going to go down as a great year on the books for the M family.

Thankfully there won't be a repeat of getting all the supplies to school...

this was the stuff left AFTER their backpacks were loaded!

The comment above that we've been walking to school together since Lot and Ky were in kindergarten?  


So here they are on their first day back in 2011...


Vicky said...

Just think this time next year you'll have a new little one! Middle school next year, wow! I'm thankful our paths crossed in China!

Sue Friday said...

Loving their enthusiasm. Beautiful bunch.

Laurie said...

Love their silly pic! And love to see you blogging again! Yahoo!!! The flashback picture of Ky and her buddy is just TOO CUTE!!!