and a half

We have a new 'halfer' in the house.

And I think he was pretty excited about it...

Actually the tipping point was last night.  But unfortunately a raging ear infection had him down for the count.  As in, he put himself down for a nap on the couch after school.

Thankfully a few doses of 'pink medicine' does wonders against an ear infection and tonight our guy was ready to stuff his face with donuts be celebrated.

Each kid got to choose two donuts for now and one for breakfast.  (I'm sorry teachers, but a half birthday is a special occasion you know).

My little squeeze chose to indulge in the chocolate 'kreme' filled, powdered sugar covered concoction tonight and save his vanilla 'kreme' filled chick donut for in the morning.

I think he enjoyed it.

And of course he was serenaded by his faithful companions.  Because nothing says 'Happy Half Birthday' like your siblings singing a rendition of Happy Birthday at the Krispy Kreme while everyone is licking frosting and powdered sugar off their fingers and lips.

It's a little silly, but it's what we do...


At 7 1/2 you are still as much my snuggle bug as ever.  You willingly hold hands with me in public and will still kiss me in front of your friends.  I recognize that this won't last forever and so I treasure each time you slide your hand in mine and each time I get a sticky syrup kiss.  
You still enjoy reading Horrible Harry, Ricky Ricotta and his Mighty Robot, and any of the My Name Is series.  You get along well (90% of the time) with all your siblings, but I especially love it when I get to eavesdrop on you and Natalie playing brothers and sisters.  Playing games is your love language and I repeatedly get schooled by you when we play Memory or Mancala.  You've played soccer, basketball and are now wanting to try your hand at tennis.  
I love to listen to you sing and explain each Sunday what your take home is from your lesson at church.  Your heart is a special one indeed and I'm so glad that I've been entrusted with raising you.  

I love you more than I could ever express!


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Di said...

Happy half Daniel!! The donuts look great!