the great outdoors at Thanksgiving

My kids are a curious blend of 'little bit suburbs, little bit country kids.'  We live in a delightful neighborhood and enjoy the camaraderie of the community in which the kids go to the school and swim on the neighborhood swim team with many of the same kids.

But they also love going to Grandma's house...and I love helping them explore the land where I grew up.  Thanksgiving this year provided some delightful weather to spend time OUTSIDE!

There's the sittin' tree.

And the creek!

And the 'Big Bottom Meadow'...named because it is the big meadow at the bottom of the hill.

We climbed, splashed and explored.  And then when we got back up to the house and waited for the next meal, there were a few games of freeze tag.  Traci and I may have a few years on the kids, but it didn't stop us from claiming victory against the seven of them.

As always, we fully embraced our time in the country.  Good to know that it will always be there when we need a little break from the 'burbs.

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Saundra Shultz said...

Makes my heart happy to look out the window and see all 7 climbing the magnolia tree, playing freeze tag, shooting basketball, feeding apples to my old horse, Rusty, play Star Wars in some form or another, swinging, sliding, etc. Amazes me just how well they all get along together 98 percent of the time.