a recipe for memories

When the Costco run includes 4 pounds of butter, 10 pounds of flour, 10 pounds of sugar, 24 eggs, 200 pretzel rods, 6 pounds of almond bark and nearly 2 pounds of sprinkles, it can only signify one thing...

It is the M7 annual Christmas cookie bake-a-thon!

Things sure have changed since the first one back in 2009.  Like check out these babies...

Back then there were only two little ones.  And we made just one kind of cookie, the 'Just like Starbucks Molasses' (that should be renamed 'Better than...').  And only a double batch of that.

Six years later with five kids at home, we kick into full production mode and measure, mix and stir with all the table space we have.

In a span of just over an hour, our kids knocked out double batches of Crispy Butterscotch Island Cookies, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Peppermint Snowballs and a quadruple batch of molasses cookies.

Yes, I said 'our kids'.  With their ages now ranging from 6 to 9, they are capable of doing just about every part of mixing up a batch of dough on their own.  Ian essentially serves as the job foreman, double checking if recipes call for tablespoons or teaspoons and overseeing hand mixer safety.  My role is more like that of general contractor, I'm checking in to make sure everything is going to plan and providing materials (taking used mixing beaters and measuring cups/spoons and returning them after a quick washing).

the carnage

Then when the batters are all mixed and ready for baking, the oven goes on (this year from 2pm until nearly midnight and we still had to finish the next day) and the sprinkles come out.  Nearly 200 pretzel rods were liberally covered with chocolate or vanilla coating and then sprinkled like only elementary age kids can sprinkle.

this pretzel goodness frequently interrupted for hand washing...

And what did we do with 45 dozen cookies and 200 pretzel rods?  Why we shared them of course!  We took some to neighbors.  The kids made goody bags for their classroom teachers.  They delivered to the art, music, PE, drama, dance, & science teachers.  They gave to the AG teachers and the counselor.  M7 cookies were given to the principal, assistant principal and secretary.  We even shared the sugary love with our crossing guard.  We mailed some to friends not so close, took some to Grandma's house and made sure that Santa got to taste those molasses cookies.

Yes, it's a lot of sugar.  And a lot of butter.  And flour.  And eggs.  And sprinkles...we can't forget the sprinkles!

But it is what we do.  And now that the cookies are finally gone, I guess we'll start looking forward to the 2016 M7 cookie bake-a-thon.

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