Who's 5 1/2?

We made a half birthday pilgrimage to Krispy Kreme tonight.

This time to celebrate a special day for our "itty bit."

She sorta dug it.

All smiles while we sang Happy Half-Birthday to You.

But then when the doughnuts came out of the box?

Well, that's when things got a little serious and her game face came on.

Eatin' doughnuts is serious business after all.

It was a whole family affair, complete with both grandmas.

And doughnuts.  Of course there were doughnuts.

My little Natalina Catalina,

You are the spicy gal we never knew we were missing.  You approach everything you do "all in" and that is one quality I adore about you, even if it occasionally frustrates me to no end.  One thing for sure, we never wonder what you are thinking.  The good news is that your darkest storm cloud moments are greatly outnumbered by your sunshine smiles.  Typically all I have to do is say that I see your sunshine and your "frus-ta-rated" frowns melt into a heap of giggles.  Shortly afterward you'll inform me that you love me again.     One of these days you'll learn that love doesn't actually stop just because you are angry, but for right now I'll take the sincere declarations of love found each time they wasn't too long ago that you didn't care for me at all.
At 5 1/2 you love skirts and dresses, the color pink, and anything sweet.  You are the shortest member of the family right now, but you embrace the larger than life mentality, especially when it comes to making sure you are not overlooked.  You frequently ask for Daddy and I to do a Natalie sandwich so you get the tightest hug possible.  Today I registered you for kindergarten in the fall and you asked if you could go to school tomorrow.  Mommy may not be ready, but you sure are...
I love you my sweet sassafras.  You add a new dynamic to the M family.  Thank you for letting us into your heart!  You had mine from the first time I saw a picture of you!

And no, just because you are the half birthday girl, you aren't getting an extra doughnut if you finish yours first!  We could see the gears turning in your head before you spoke...because you are always coming up with a "great idea."

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Laurie said...

SUCH a sweet girl! I love your traditions! And I love Natalie's donut choice- too cute! :)