6 1/2...officially

6 1/2 today.

Or maybe it was yesterday?

In our defense, a short month of February makes figuring a half-birthday for August 31 just a smidge tricky.

Regardless of the exact date, it's official once we go for donuts.

So tonight?

Well...tonight we went for donuts.

Which means that my peanut is officially halfway to seven.

Happy half-birthday to our pint sized dynamo.  Today you LOVE to read, you get lost in Legos and Snap circuits, you love to sing the songs you've learned at church, and you give what are perhaps the tightest hugs on the planet.  You are an integral part of the M family.

I love you to the sun and back and to the farthest planet and back and then to the stars and back.


But you still have limited Wii time.


Cindy M. said...

UM. I need that last photo, please.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Big Guy! Your donuts look really good!

Have fun,