Overheard {dazzle-tate}

"And don't dazzle-tate!"
There are two things that are heard around our house a good bit when we're running short on time.
(If I'm going to be perfectly honest, they are heart A LOT because it seems we're always running short on time...)

"Don't dizzle-dazzle!"  and "Just do it, don't hesitate!"

This weekend we were trying to get in a walk around a nearby lake before dark, so Ian and I trying to speed things up with kids changing into appropriate clothing.  I was upstairs reminding folks not to dizzle-dazzle with Ian downstairs telling boys to get shoes on and not hesitate.  And suddenly we hear the little one on the stairs calling out not to dazzle-tate.

Combine her "Natalie-isms" with her new low slung pigtails and I could just eat her up...

1 comment:

Saundra Shultz said...

Don't Dazzle-tate! Must remember this one from our spicey little one.
Love the piggy tails, Natalie.