2014 Guangdong Girls reunion {kickin' it old school}

Conversation for the parents and free play for the kids was the main focus of our glorious weather day at the park.  And it was.

But just to keep things interesting, we tossed in a few field day games.  You know, pass the life saver on the toothpick, the hula hoop maze, egg on a wooden spoon relay and everyone's favorite...the three legged race.

We had three contest divisions.


Ky and Kristin easily took that division.  Something about that former roommate relationship?

Adult and kid teams.

(perhaps the most challenging)

And then adult teams.

Ian and I gave it our best shot, but were taken down by a set of twins.

We laughed and had a grand time.  And proved that even in today's technology centered world, not much beats going old school...

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Laurie said...

We all need to old school it more often! I'm loving this little trip of yours.... it also makes me feel warm to see pics of everyone in shorts when it's 5 degrees where I am! :)