a morning at the Farmer's Market

Gracious.  Life is passing by at the speed of...well, life.  I have so many pictures and so many stories from the past five months.  Visiting with friends, China family reunions, beach trips and some pretty significant life changes that have been keeping me away from my keyboard currently are all in the queue to be recorded.  For today though, I'll back up three weeks to share a morning I was able to step out of the chaos and enjoy my littlest guy.

D is my fourth kindergartner and therefore the fourth kiddo I've gotten to escort on our elementary school's Five Senses Field Trip Extravaganza.

Daniel and I spent the morning with three of his classmates in a place that provided plenty of space to utilize our senses.  We breathed in deep to savor the different smells.  We felt the different textures of an amazing bounty of produce.

We found fruits and vegetables in every color of the rainbow.

We sampled at least ten varieties of apples, delighted in the savory taste of tomatoes, and treated ourselves to the sweetness of honey sticks.

We listened to the hum of activity surrounding us and talked to some of the farmers about their trade.  I also got to hear praises of my eager little learner from his teachers who clearly adore him.

And while these two aren't in the same class this year, I had to snap a quick photo of them together before they boarded the buses to go back to school.  Daniel and Corrie have been the best of pals since before they turned three and their adorable little friendship continues as most days they come down the hill from school together, engrossed in conversation.

one hand  his best buddy's shoulder, one hand holding an apple.
that's my D.

This field trip is such a fun way to spend a morning during apple season.  Can't believe that I only have one more go at this trip next year...

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Grandma Shultz said...

Sounds like a great field trip, Daniel. Grandma would like to go to that farmers market to get some of those pretty vegetables.