Spring Break {the beach itself}

There are some great things about an early spring break; no humidity, no bugs, and no crowds.

Sounds perfect...except for the fact that there is also one MAJOR trade-off:  water temperature.

We had a fantastic week, but the water was cold.  And I mean ankle numbing COLD!

I dipped my toes and decided that was as far as I was going.  Not my kids though.  Mind over matter indeed...

my little bit charging for the ocean
also one of the last images my trusty Canon was able to record...note the shutter shadow across the top?  we'll be cell phone picturing for a while
Natalie LOVED the ocean that first day.  Some because of the "little waves," but mostly I suspect because she had two terrific big sisters to help her enjoy it.

They splashed and jumped waves for the longest time, and when the cold began to catch up, we all worked together on a sand fortress.  Eventually Natalie got tired and hungry, so she and Kylie walked back to the house with me to prepare sandwiches for the rest of the family.

And so went the rest of our days at Holden Beach.  A little time in the water.

A little time digging in the sand.





In all, it was an amazing week.  Sunshine, no agenda and being unplugged.  Perfect family vacation...


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

Heather said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation!