a miracle today?

Have you ever wanted to be part of something much bigger than yourself?  
Well, today you could be part of Albert's miracle.  Who's Albert and what's his miracle you say?  
Glad you asked...

Albert is one of the precious children residing at New Day Foster Home, the same place our little guy lived for two years of his life.  Just to the left of this text is a picture of one of the most darling little guys you've ever seen.  He's adorable, isn't he?  Look deeply into those big brown that precious expression.  And as you look closely, you may notice that his color is just a bit off.  
No, it's not just the lighting.  He's jaundiced.  And that picture was taken months ago.  If you visit the New Day Foster Home blog, you'll see that recently his color has gotten worse.  He is a critically ill little boy.  

His miracle...

Today (on my birthday no less) could be Albert's miracle in the form of a liver transplant. As I type he is at the hospital with a member of the New Day staff awaiting test results to see if a liver that has come available is a match.  That part of the miracle was all God.  In short, organ donations are rare where Albert resides, and for an orphan to receive a transplant?  Unheard of.  
Until Alea.  Then Tally.  And then Mark followed by Reece.  
(This post will provide links to read all four of their stories.  And this post shows Albert and Mark, side by side...where you can see with your own eyes the difference this surgery makes.)
Now it is Albert's turn.  

The part of the miracle where you come in is helping to fund this transplant.  Here is how you can be involved in something bigger than yourself.  

(Unless of course you happen to have $27K laying around and want to finish providing for his surgery on your own.)  

New Day is committed to providing this life giving surgery for Albert.  But right now his surgery is not fully funded.  Just over 13 of the necessary $40K has been donated to date.  Be aware that in his country there is no "surgery today, pay later" kind of credit.  And while New Day has custody of the children, there is no such thing as health insurance for an orphan.  This amazing organization needs our help to give Albert a new lease on life.  

Will you be part of his miracle?

Even $16 ~ one dollar for each month of his life so far ~ is helpful.

If there was any financial way we could, I'd have Ian donate the remaining amount as my birthday gift to cover his surgery costs.  Of course the amount is too high, but a donation that works for us was made as my birthday gift.  
And if you wanted to give a gift in honor of my ANY amount..., well that would be the most meaningful gift I could imagine.

As the mom of a child whose life was saved by a surgery financed by others, I know how grateful his future family will be.

Consider it?

Pretty please?

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So excited for him! Happy Birthday!