Overheard...{use words}

"Daniel, when you're 5 1/2, you don't act like that.  I know we just went for your half birthday donuts, but maybe there was some mistake?  When you are 5 1/2 you use words to work out your problems..."

My big girl using her sibling jiu jitsu on her littlest brother when he began melting down because another sibling was singing a song with him.  This girl...she occasionally loses her cool, but I see a future in mediating conflicts.

For the record he immediately calmed down and began politely requesting the offending sibling to stop singing along with him and a period of peace ensued in the van.


Laurie said...

"… but maybe there was some mistake?" LOVE this girl!! I think I need to hire a mediator to sit in between my kids, cause it's really hard to do from the driver's seat!

Joy said...

Smart little lady!:)

Peg Lee said...

That has to make you so very proud of your children!

Amy Murphy said...

What an amazing girl you've got there! :)