Overheard...{I wish...}

"I wish we were adopting another little brother or sister!  I just love going to China!"
...Tuesday as we arrived at the airport to pick up friends flying home.

(this coming from the child that was most vocal in their frustration during the rough patch as our family adjusted to a new family member last fall)

And while Ian and I remain open to adding another to the family some day if God impresses the idea on both of our hearts, I did remind her that it was possible to travel to China just to visit...


Laine said...

Even numbers, sis. Even numbers.

Anonymous said...

I go along with even numbers, even though we only have three.:) Kylie is gorgeous!!


Beccy said...

Thanks for your comment in little bitty letters. We are in the thick of it with one of our sons after bringing home our first adopted son. It gives me hope for what lies ahead of this tough transition. Thanks!