Overheard...{go my school?}

"Mommy, 'day I go my cool?"

An appointment on Tuesday and a field trip with my "twins" today sent me in search of childcare for the little people.  Of course Tuesday and Friday are days that none of my friends who live anywhere close enough to make the logistics work out are free.  Just when I was about to cancel my commitments, Ian reminded me of the drop in child care that a friend of ours from church owns.  

Now, I trust Pam completely, but I will admit to losing some sleep Monday night wondering how Natalie would do.  Yes, I was going to be dropping her off with her brother, but still...she hasn't had much experience venturing out in the world without Ian or I by her side.  

The saving grace seems to be that in the morning hours, the drop in kids attend the Montessori preschool component of Pam's business.  Natalie saw the other kids happily engaged in learning activities and she. was. sold.  When I picked her up two hours later she happily chatted my ears off about everything she did while I was gone.

And every day since I've had Little Miss Independence asking if today is the day she gets to go to "her school."  Looks like I'm going to have to be making some more morning plans in the near future!


Julie said...

Wow. Just wow! Way to go Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Natalie! What a brave girl you are! You, too, Momma! :)
Wonderful that your sweet baby girl feels so confident to leave her Momma? She knows you're coming back for her! Well done.:)

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the question mark at the end of momma is suppose to be a period.


Traci said...

How cute!