lives entwined

Six months ago, on September 2, two worlds collided.

The lives of the M6 and the life of one little girl then known as "yunyun" were forever entwined in a day that didn't go quite as planned.

That day and in the immediate days to follow, it was difficult to see how this little gift was going to be dovetailed into our lives.  At that time her heart and soul were wrapped in layers of fear, grief and confusion and while there were glimmers of smiles and the personality inside, there was so much sorrow, so much introspectiveness.  So many pictures in those first weeks show a child expressionless...

Yet ever so slowly as the hours turned to days, the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, we began to see those layers fall away.

And now, six months later, we've got a pretty good picture of who "yunyun" really is.  She's funny and spirited and has a style all her own.  She completes us in ways we didn't know we needed to be completed.

Six months.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I can't believe it has been six months all ready. So happy she is blossoming.

Laurie said...

Pure sweetness…. and I love the shirt- truly one of a kind. Happy 6 months with your little sweetie!

Joy said...

It took 6 months for one of my gifts to adjust as well but adjust she did! God is so good. Rejoicing in His blessings on your little one!

Grandma Shultz said...

I remember so vividly those hard days in China when she was so distraught. Oh, the emotions that we all were struggling with and didn't know what to do about. Praise God in His grace and mercy. Look what 6 months has accomplished!

Amy Murphy said...

happy six months!