"I love snow because you can make a snowman or have snowball fights or make snow angels and we have hot cocoa and you can take snowy walks and go sledding but most of all I love snow because we don't have school and Daddy stays home and I get to spend extra time with my family."

Me too buddy, me too!

"Oh, and I bet there are more than 800 snowflakes in a snowball and did you know that a big snowman weighs more than me and snow is the frozen kind of precipitation and why did God make the water cycle anyway?"

My little man with lots of answers and even more questions.  Love how his mind works!


likeschocolate said...

The Simple joy of a child!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful a boys brain works anyway!!!
Just a couple of days ago my 5.5 year old son asked me what I wanted to be when I am big (nice that I will be big one day in his mind). When I replied "a nice little old grammy"mhe asked "and what else"?? On my reply "uhm, thats a hard question, let me think about it for a minute" his answer was "do you want to be a servicedog mommy"?
oh, yes I would like that some day"!!! :)

A boy is a joy!!