double take

I've been working on a project that has me looking back at some older pictures of the kids.  Tonight while I was scanning, the 'cover' photo for an album in January of 2012 caught my eye...both for the hilariousness that was DQ's self created hair style, and the fact that Natalie chose that very dress from her closet to wear tomorrow.

When I saw the hairstyle, I remembered that evening and decided to quickly glance at the other photos in the album, you know, just for grins.

And then this one made me do a double take.  That year we printed pictures of nine children we committed to pray for as they waited for their forever families to find them.  Four of them we had met when we visited New Day Foster Home the previous summer, four of them were featured on An Orphan's wish Waiting for a Family page, and one was a little girl from the Hunan province that grabbed my heart the first time I had seen her nearly a year before.  We studied their faces, learned their names, and cleared a place for the nine of them on our refrigerator so we would remember to pray for them daily by name.  
(Six of those children are now home, one has a family paper chasing, and two still wait for a family of their very own)

In this photo Darcy is studying the face of a precious little girl.

Let's take a closer look.

Long before we realized she would become a part of our family, we knew her as Mariah and we prayed for her to have a family who would love and cherish her...

That photo of Natalie is on our refrigerator to this day...a reminder of how God often answers prayer in ways we don't expect.

**It was also just a few months after this photo was taken that I was driving Darcy home from a laser treatment appointment and for the tiniest fraction of a second had a vision of two girls with polka dotted faces in the back of my van.  Tomorrow that vision comes to life as both DQ and Natalie have visits to the 'polka dot doctor'.  It will either be a brilliant moment of planning, or one of the worst ideas we've had to date that both girls will have treatments back to back.  Both girls have come out of recent anesthesia rather combative, we'd appreciate prayers.  We're headed to Duke before it is light outside...*


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

What a fantastic hairstyle!

Julie said...

You and your family are proof that "we are the hands of God"! Praying for you and those 'polka dot faces' (and their hearts!)

Anne said...

Isn't it amazing how God works? He knew from the get-go that Natalie was going to become one of the M Gang.

Good luck tomorrow at the Polka Dot Doctor. You all will be in my prayers.

Anne in Colorado