baking with Grandma

One evening shortly after we got our tree up and decorated, I surprised the kids with a package of Moravian ginger snaps and a box of shortbread cookies.  Specifically a brand of shortbread cookies I remember enjoying at my grandmother's house when I was a little girl.  We sat in the living room by the glow of the Christmas tree and enjoyed a sweet treat together.  And as we ate, I found it amazing how a few buttery cookies can bring memories flooding back...

Those memories prompted a new cookie in our yearly bake-a-thon line up.  Since Mama was here with us, I decided to add Danish wedding cookies.  I don't have specific memories of baking these cookies with my grandma, but I do remember helping myself to them out of her cookie tin when we visited over the holidays. I also knew that Mama had fond memories of making them with her mom.

So Sunday afternoon, day two of baking, while the little ones napped, Mama and the 'big kids' shaped the dough into cookies, coated them with sprinkles, and then rolled them in powdered sugar.

And why be limited to simple ovals?

When you get my big kids together with lots of dough and sprinkles,

creativity abounds!

We enjoyed some 'traditional' shaped cookies along with a selection of snowmen, gingerbread men, crosses, and smiling faces.

Most importantly though, the tradition of wedding cookies for the holidays was passed down to another generation in our family.  I think Grandma would be happy.

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Grandma Shultz said...

Oh, your Grandma would be so happy, Kristi....maybe Grandpa even more as they were his favorite holiday cookie.

This Grandma enjoyed making those cookies with the "bigs". They are so creative. Was a blessing to be there during cookie baking time with you.