the truce has arrived

Two months ago, when I was caught in the crossfire of my littles competing for every bit of my attention, I would have told you this moment was impossible.  And yet, building on recent trends between the two, it appears that a truce has finally arrived.

Today, when it came time for her nap, she requested him to accompany her.

And instead of protesting having to leave the action with the older kids ~ as I expected ~ he smiled and then asked if he could read her a book.

So there they were, my two littles.

Now apparent longer at war.

There are many, many, things for which I am thankful, but this sign of hope in our journey as a family of seven simply had to be recorded.

My heart overflows on this day of thanks.


Heather said...

Success!! I bet they will be best friends in just a bit. The last picture of them sleeping is adorable!

Amy Murphy said...

That is just precious!!!!!

Traci Cline said...

So sweet

Laurie said...

So, so sweet!!!

Vicky said...

One of those heart happy moments!

Glenda said...

These pictures are beyond sweet. I know there is relief and praise in your soul! God is knitting them together. Such a wonderful thing to watch!

JohnGuo Lyman said...

Singing songs of Thanksgiving with you.
Barbara Lyman :-)

Kimberly said...

Loved, loved, loved this Kristi!!! I am still following you all. So happy for you!