Today we celebrate the big brother in our house.

I'm quite certain just yesterday he turned three, celebrating a birthday with us for the first the youngest child in the family.

Yet here we are, in the blink of an eye, four years later and three siblings closer to his (still) dream number of "five brothers and five sisters."

yes, please notice the squishy frog in his pocket.  i find that crazy thing everywhere.
Today he's seven.  {gulp}

And seven seems so much older than I'm thankful for the goofy faces he's still asking me to take.  One day that will stop and if I just happen to catch on on the camera, he'll ask me to delete it.

Happy birthday to my oldest son.  You're still lighting fast and quite impulsive ~ a combination that I suspect will bring you trouble from time to time ~ but you're an awful lot of fun to have around as I can rarely guess what you will say or do next.  In the past year you've gone from nonsense jokes to  developing quite a wicked sense of humor.  I love watching you create dirt tracks for your Hot Wheels in the backyard with your little brother, playing imaginative 'adventure' games with your sisters, and reaching out a hand to help your new mei mei do something she hasn't tried before.  You often march to the beat of your own drum, but your tender heart is going to make you one heck of a catch one day.

You my son, are adored.  We love you to China and back a thousand times!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! I love these new pictures of you - can't believe how much you've grown. You are a special boy who gives me so much joy.
Love, Grandma M

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!


likeschocolate said...

He is adorable ! Happy Birthday Caleb!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Traci Cline said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a sweet boy! Can't believe you are already 7... next week you'll be 17!
Love you bunches
Aunt CiCi

Glenda said...

Happy Birthday dear Caleb! I'm so thankful to be able to watch you grow. (and I know of a little girl who already thinks you're quite a "catch". Lord help us when you both are teenagers!) Love you dear boy!