zai jian Hannah

When I visited New Day back in Feb/March, the cafeteria on campus was closed.  Angela and I had been slightly concerned about what we were going to eat while we were there, but it turned out not to be a problem.  Hannah came to our rescue.  Turns out to eat well in the village, you simply have to have a local on your side.  We had some of the most delicious meals and the last day as I savored my favorite eggplant dish at lunch, I had the most wonderful idea.

"Hannah, my family will need you when we're in Changsha so that we can eat."  To my surprise, she replied that her younger sister was from this city and that she'd love the chance to visit the orphanage staff...and to help us out at the same time.

And so it was settled.

What I didn't realize at the time was how many roles she'd be playing.  Our family was so blessed to have a private guide/translator/food finder/nanny/photographer/friend along with us for our week here.  As she prepared to back to her family up north this morning, the kids were incredulous that she wasn't continuing the journey by our side.

We helped them to see though that she needed to get home to her family and her work at the developing New Day North location.  Hannah would make an excellent guide, but her heart is with the children...bringing hope to those who have none.

[She pours her heart out into her blog...if you want to follow her thoughts of living in country and working with orphaned children, you simply must read Loving Dangerously...{my contemplations in China}.  Her writing will capture your heart and make you feel as if you were here too!]

We were sad to see her go, for sure.  But one thing Hannah taught us was that here in this country, relationships are key.  By telling someone "see you next time" you imply that that a relationship has been established and you will see them again because they are important to you.

So instead of saying thank you, we say zai jian Hannah.  We look forward to the day our paths cross again!


Traci said...

I know it was a great blessing to have Hannah with you guys!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful for your family to have someone with you that you all could feel so comfortable with! I look forward to following along on this exciting adventure with you guys! Thanks for keeping this journal that we can enjoy with you!

God Bless,