switching gears

Yesterday was an amazing day recreating memories for Daniel at his home previous to us.  We are so, so thankful that we had the resources to make that opportunity happen.  And combined with all of the collection and packing for the donations we were carrying over, our minds were focused on his emotional stability during that portion of our trip.

But today we switched gears...

This morning we got up early and finished repacking bags for a 7am departure to the Beijing West Railway Station.  As soon as we got on our car and in our seats (thanks so much to our personal guide Hannah!) it was time to sing Happy Birthday to our new five year old.  He could hardly make it through the song for excitement over his gift.

The scenery began as mostly cornfields with little villages popping up out of them (reminded me of Southwest Ohio where farmhouses rise up out of cornfields) and we watched out the windows for a while.  Then it came time to seek other sources of entertainment.

Daddy is always good for a laugh or two.

Fairy paper dolls help to pass the time.

We played musical chairs frequently within our group and had the chance to chat a good bit.

And of course reading is always a good option.

Despite the high speed of the train, it still takes a while to travel 1500+ kilometers.

Eventually the flat landscape covered with cornfields gave way to mountains and hilly fields complete with rice paddys and once we crossed the mighty Yangtze river, we knew we were getting close.

Not that the birthday boy would have noticed much...he crashed about three hours into the trek.  Thankfully he (and his brother) both woke up enough to get themselves out of the train station.

We had hardly even walked out of the arrivals gate when Amy, our guide) found us.  It was a short ride to the hotel,  and now we're here.  
In the city that we'll meet Natalie.  
Our guide, Amy, told us that she'll be coming in on the night train tomorrow night and that we'll meet her at 9am on Monday.  

We are so CLOSE!  Two more sleeps until the M7!!!


Traci said...

OH my word! My heart is jumping out of my chest! I can't wait for Monday!!!

Our Journey to China said...

So glad you made it safely! So very excited for you guys! Can't wait to see Natalie in your arms!

Glenda said...

So excited for you all! We're counting down over here. Enjoy your last day as a family of 6, it's a sweet time, but it will be even sweeter with the addition of Miss Natalie. Praying for you. Tonight both kids, unsolicited, prayed for their good friends. Love to all!

Anonymous said...

This is so much fun and exciting watching your precious family add another beautiful addition! Forever family!

I wrote you once or twice before. Praying for a safe, healthy, and easy transition for your little daughter. :)

Take care and God Bless you all,

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! So fun riding a train for your special day! Wow! It won't be long now! The long wait is almost over! Tearing up thinking about you meeting your precious daughter and sister! We are praying you through from the other side of the world!

Love you!