sleepover? check!

On the first day of summer vacation my school age set sat down and composed a bucket list of things for the M6 do while they were out of school.

Some items were a bit out of range (visiting our friends down in AL again, Disney World, going to China ~ so that one is going to happen after school starts back) but many were quite affordable and easy day or morning activities.  Per their requests we've visited our zoo, gone bowling, attended several of the summer movie series, and taken a few day trips to the beach.  We've visited parks, had playdates with friends, and even tackled the ultimate playdate...a sleepover!

The girls had been planning a sleepover with neighborhood sister set Lottie and Corrie ever since the bunkbed project began back in February.  But the schedules of life for our two families just didn't match up any Friday night for months.  Thus, the sleepover was put on the eternal back burner, until along came the freedom of summer...

Finally a night came that worked, a Thursday night at that.  And about four hours before Lottie and Corrie were to arrive, Darcy suggested that our other neighborhood friends, Abbey and Elijah, may have their feelings hurt if we didn't include them to.  Even though they hadn't been in on the planning since February, she had a point.  So I shrugged my shoulders thought, "If we already have six, how much more effort can two more be?", and gave their mom a call.

We started the evening out on the playground.  Because worn out kids make for better sleeping kids!

yes, one of the "kids" is considerably taller than the others...
After Abbey and Elijah arrived we had dinner with the kids at the dining room table and Ian and I on a dinner date at the breakfast nook table in the kitchen.

they had dumpling soup, carrot sticks and apple slices
Entertainment was rather simple and low key.  The girls worked on some crafts while the boys played the wii.  We watched Madly Madagascar, had a few stories and a bible story and then it was lights out.

I wasn't sure exactly how bedtime would go with five girls in one room and three boys in another, but within in a matter of minutes, there was no sound but the deep breathing of sleeping children coming from either room.

I think we'll have to do a repeat of this one soon!


Glenda said...

I'm glad Darcy thought of my two, they had a great time! Now you know that you can handle at least 3 more trips to China after Natalie!

Our Journey to China said...

Amazing!! 'Three more trips?',... I think we need and update! lol! :) So glad they all had fun!