When I first met my sweet friend Leslie, I was still adjusting to being the mother of two.

my firsts
Over the past few years, as our friendship has grown, so have our families.

In 2010, we brought Darcy home...and she had twins.

In 2011 Daniel became part of our family...

...and in 2012, baby Evelyn entered theirs.

Despite the age differences, our kids have a great time together and there have only been a few weeks that we've missed our "Ms. Leslie" day.   Our playdates may have gotten a little louder over the past four years.

baby e missing from this pic as we weren't quite sure how to get her on the dion...

But louder can also mean more fun and we look forward to the first playdate after the number of kids between us is officially quadrupled next month.  With Natalie just about nine months older than the twins, I think our days will continue to be fun for years!

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