baby girl

I haven't been able to help myself.

I am fully aware that she is 6 1/2.  I know she is not a baby anymore.  All I have to do is look at her to see it plain and simple.


But ever since she made us the M5 back in February of 2010, she has been my youngest daughter.  And so there is a chance that I've called her baby girl for a while now...

I've just realized though that in less than two weeks she will no longer be the baby girl.
oh my goodness we are in the single digit countdown until departure date!

And she's blossoming into a big girl right in front of my eyes.

But still, it's *possible* I may call her baby girl from time to time.

I think she decided it was time to give me a rude awakening about leaving the status of baby girl years.  You know, give me a wake up call that someone else is about to be the baby girl...that it can't possibly be her anymore.

with the tooth fairy loot
She went and a tooth on me.  But when I commented about how she finally lost a tooth, she put those hands on those hips and reminded me that it was another tooth, not the first one.

Yes, I said another.  The first one was on February 27th, while I was visiting New Day.  I was in China and had the camera with me.  So DQ's first tooth was recorded only via Ian's Droid.  And somehow documenting the event got lost in my jet lag upon return.

dq's first tooth ~ 2/27/2013
But here she is, down one more tooth and reminding me...with excitement mind you...that she starts first grade next week.

Guess I'd better find a new title for her.  Middle girl just doesn't have a ring...


likeschocolate said...

So sweet! Yes, I don't know how you can sleep. We just got our match last night and my heart is racing I would leave in the morning if I could. She will always be your baby girl.

Glenda said...

Boy, do we love this sweetie pie! She's such a blessing to all of us.