ahoy mateys

I talk like a pirate...

Or at least we did for a bit last Friday when my brood gathered with my niece, nephew, and some mutual friends to search for treasure.

Apparently my nephew has dreamed of having a pirate party for his birthday for a few years now.

Complete with a piratey scavenger hunt of course!

But because his birthday falls right after the Christmas season, my sister hadn't indulged his wish...

...until last week.  

We could call it his half birthday party, but we'll just stick with a pirate/princess hunt.

Complete with a celebratory sailing of the seven seas

and enjoying goldfish and Pirate's Booty along with lunch.


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Traci said...

Thanks for indulging us! Pierson is already concocting his next hunt! :) we'll have to plan one for Thanksgiving!