Mei mei time

Our family has been blessed with amazing family.

And for us, family comes in many forms.  There's the family that I started with including parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins.  There's our church family whom we walk much of the road of life with.  And then we also have our China family.  

Having made four trips to China now, our China family is quite extended and spans much of the country.  The blessing of this family is that we try to find excuses to see each other as often as possible, even if it means adding a few days to a road trip.

A few weeks ago little Miss E's family stopped "on their way"home from visiting friends in AL.  It may have only been a few days visit, but we squeezed in lots of fun, including a day trip to the coast.

So thankful for quick visits from "family!"

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Our Journey to China said...

We are so very thankful for our China family!! Thank you for letting us come spend a couple of days with you guys! We love you so much!! :)