day trip spontaneity

Spontaneity:  the quality or state of being spontaneous (arising form a momentary impulse).  

I suppose it can be said that our geographical location lends itself well to "day trip spontaneity."

If we were to get in the van and head due west, we could be in the mountains in just under three hours.  And if we were to point the van east, several beaches are within a 2 1/2 hour drive.

While Ian and I typically find ourselves wondering which way to go when we're planning a mystery trip for the kids, we did have friends from Indiana visiting.  The fact that Indiana is a land locked location made our spontaneous decision all the easier.

And so, after deciding to go for it at about 6:30 on Sunday afternoon, on Monday morning, to the beach we went!

The sea was met with much exuberance...



Watching waves.


Wake-boarding.  With water...

...and without.


Posing with said kites.


Creating castles.


It was a dreamy NC summer day.  Nice ocean breeze, no humidity, perfect sized waves for maximum enjoyment.  Those of us able to go really enjoyed the day.

Most of what made it a special day was the crowd that gathered.

three of the ten LJ "sisters" from our travel group who spent the first year of life together in Southern China 
Some of what made the day perfect was the perfection of the weather.

add all the Chinese siblings

And maybe, just maybe, a little of what made the day perfect was the spontaneity in which it happened...

**most photos courtesy of Caption Photography.


anything but LoKEY said...

Love the pics!

Traci said...

looks fun! I want a spontaneous trip to the beach! :)

Glenda said...

I think we live in the absolutely best place in the US! I wouldn't want to go anywhere else and miss either the Mts or the beach.

rachel said...

what sweet summertime beach pictures. looks like fun!!