alligators and Megalogons and sharks...oh my!

Sunday afternoon when we left the campground, we didn't head directly home.  Instead, we decided to take advantage of our NC Zoo membership and visit the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Why exactly?...

Because the kids wanted to squeeze in one more photo opportunity?

Because albino alligators named Luna are cool?

Because when you're four, just any 'ole alligator is cool?

Because there is the "most ginormous fish tank ever"?

Because you can pretend to get eaten by a Megalodon?

Because DQ wanted to pet a shark?


To all of the above.

Well, maybe not to the wanting one more photo opportunity.
But they smiled for me anyway.


Traci said...

Fun! I love how enthused Ian looks while in the jaws of the mega-thingy! lol
looks like you guys made the most of your trip!

Emily said...

A fun way to end your weekend!