our garden: transplanting

Our little plants sprouted after a few days and much to the delight of the kids, Ian emailed us a picture over spring break so we could see what was going on at home.  Our seedlings were kept in a temperature controlled environment, had maximum sunlight, and were watered "just right" and as a result, they quickly doubled in size.

Finally, the long-awaited day for transplanting arrived.  Our four young resident "gardeners in training" were more than happy to test out their green thumbs.

For a few days all was well.

The crew headed out to check on our garden each day after school and I heard many squeals of delight as they noticed how quickly the plants were growing and beginning to bloom.

They were eager to water our vegetables and anxious to nip any emerging weeds as they sprouted.

What we hadn't anticipated though was that putting our carefully tended baby plants into the garden was somewhat like "throwing them to the wolves."  After about a week we noticed a few nibbles on some of the plants each morning.  

Then one day the entire garden had been decimated, save the zucchini and tomatoes.  And so began the war with the bunnies...

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Hannah said...

Take all of the hair from your hairbrushes and spread it around the garden! We had the same problems with bunnies eating our flowers. Someone gave us that tip, and it really works!