even our pit stops were fun

Usually it takes years to develop quality friendships that withstand months, even years, passing without face to face time.  But sometimes "extreme circumstances" cement a friendship faster than others.

I suppose being together in a delivery room of sorts counts as one of those extreme cases.

Six years ago in February Ian and I were assigned to a table for our Beijing meals with Donna and Alan.  And while it was the first adoption experience for both of us as couples, Donna and Alan had gone through the parenting ropes before us and they kindly took us under their wing in our first weeks of parenthood.

So it seemed fitting that on our way down to Alabama for spring break that we at least let them know we'd be coming through their area.  In true "you're family to us" fashion, Donna insisted that we stop for as long as we could to visit on our way.

And while I didn't want for them to make a fuss over us, our pit stop included a delicious lunch.

while there were plenty of chairs, grace and kylie insisted on sitting together ~ sisters at heart...
What was really fun was that each of my kids paired off with a P kid as if they had known one another all their lives.

sweet Rebecca was kind enough to play memory with DQ
caleb and andrew opted for the star wars edition of the game of life
and even had the patience to play sorry with daniel
Ky and Grace though, they just flitted around, first playing with hula hoops, then swinging, then writing in notebooks together...just your everyday girlfriends kind of stuff.

loved this shot of them resting their heads sweet
We grown ups enjoyed a few hours of conversation, picking up as if it had been last week since we sat down together to talk instead of nearly two years ago.  Topics included adoption adjustment, mission trips that Donna and I had taken since we saw each other last, An Orphan's Wish (we both volunteer for AOW), parenting in general, and life in the south.

And then, all too soon it was time to get back in the van ~ but not without a few quick pictures.

their four youngest along with mine ~ a FUN bunch for sure!
And with how much fun all the kids had, how bummed Ian was about missing the reunion and how happy Grace and Kylie were to see each other, I suspect we'll find our way down to Georgia again before long...

We love you P family, thanks for a great afternoon!


Donna said...

Love you guys!!!! We can't let another 2 years go by...

Nancy B W said...

What an awesome day! Love the photo of Grace & Kylie too!