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There are certain things which simply get more valuable as time goes by.  They are precious.  A beautiful gem, a masterpiece painting, a fine wine.  Each carefully crafted by a master, taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary.  With careful cuts, exacting brush strokes, careful crafting, an experienced hand creates something of timeless value, and as time passes the creation becomes more beautiful as the beauty imparted by the artisan is woven with the story of where it travels and who it comes in contact with.  

Each of us is beautifully created by God, carefully crafted with indescribable beauty, exacting strokes forming our personality, our gifts, our abilities.  I am truly blessed to be married to one of God’s extraordinary creations.  A beautiful woman inside and out.  One who, I am realizing, continues to become more precious each day as I watch her grow in faith and find countless ways to pour love into our children, our family, friends, and children seeking forever families she has never met but who capture her heart.  

In just a few weeks Kristi will reach one of those “milestone” birthdays -- 40!!!  I have been blessed to know her, and to be a part of her story for the last 17 of those years, and I greatly look forward to watching and being a part of her story that will be woven over the next 40 years and beyond.  I can’t predict what roads God will have us travel down, but I know that those roads, and the people along them, will intersect with this wonderful, Christ centered woman and the result will be beautiful.  

To celebrate Kristi on her birthday, I’m asking for your help.  Whether you have known Kristi for just a short while, or since she was a child, would you send me a photo of you/your family wishing her a happy birthday and a short birthday wish?  The photo can be as simple, creative, artistic, funny, or serious as you would like -- no matter how you choose to say “Happy 40th!” I know she’ll love it.   Please send me your photos/wishes by April 10th so that I will have time to pull them together.  You can email them to me at

As I’m sure you know, both New Day and An Orphans Wish are organizations that are near and dear to Kristi’s heart.  If you would like to honor her for her birthday a gift to either one would mean the world to her.

Thank you for your help, and for the special place you hold in Kristi's life!

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Tina Michelle said...

Neat idea! You are so sweet and a creative writer!