getting our "Gatlinburgers"

Before we left on our mystery trip, the kids wanted to know what Gatlinburg was.  Having never been there myself, I asked them what they thought it might be.

Their stories were vastly different from one another, but my favorite guess involved a variation of Finn McMissile's "gatlin guns" squirting ketchup and mustard onto burgers.

Hence the "Gatlinburger" was born.

So on the way out of town when Ian and I saw a Johnny Rocket's, we just couldn't resist...

Proof you can have your "Gatlinburger" and eat it too.


Heather said...

okay, I'm pretty impressed with the ketchup art. However, I can't show this to my kids (or my husband) or I'll have ketchup squirted all over my kitchen while they practice! LOL

Julie said...

Gatlinburgers, that is GREAT! I have spent many weekends in GB but now it will be hard not to say burger :) And I love the skating pics. Can't wait to take my 3 there!